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    High quality used compact tractors
    All our machines are in good shape and serviced, with engine oil and filters replaced
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    Broad range of tractors
    Working with biggest used compact tractor importers in Europe we offer lots of tractors in stock and on demand
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Compact tractors

We are a direct importer of second hand compact tractors from renowned brands like Kubota, Iseki, Yanmar, Mitsubishi and Hinomoto located in Waterford, Ireland. IMPACTECH founders and their partners have been in the business for nearly 10 years and imported over 1,500 tractors for end customers and dealers in multiple European countries.  With this long-term experience we developed a solid business model and network of suppliers allowing us to provide our clients with:

  • best quality refurbished used compact tractors
  • expertise in recommending tractor fitted to customer’s needs
  • maintenance works and repairs conducted by skilled staff
  • broad variety of spare parts
  • broad portfolio of compact tractor attachments making it a true all-purpose machine

We perform technical check and all necessary repairs of all tractors before sale. As a direct importer we leverage our relationships with tractor dealers and manufacturers of implements to offer our clients best possible prices.



Compact tractors for sale in Ireland and UK


€10163 plus VAT €12500 incl. VAT

Compact Tractor YANMAR AF-17 (17Hp)

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€7700 incl. VAT


€9431 plus VAT €11600 incl. VAT



€6098 plus VAT €7500 incl. VAT

Yanmar FX265 compact tractor with new front loader

Yanmar FX265 compact tractor, new KATANA Machinery front loader, 4WD, power steering, power shift, turning assistant

€7073 plus VAT €8700 incl. VAT

Yanmar FF205

20HP, 4WD, new tyres

€6016 plus VAT €7400 incl. VAT

Yanmar FX255 with original front loader – 4×4, power steering, power shift

Strong and very solid tractor, 25HP, front loader, power steering, power shift, 4x4, diff lock etc.

€6829 plus VAT €8400 incl. VAT

Hinomoto N209 with front loader and rotavator

21 HP tractor with 4WD and new front loader. Perfect condition. Rotary tiller.

€6423 plus VAT €7900 incl. VAT



€2114 plus VAT €2600 incl. VAT


KATANA POTATO DIGGER WESTSIDE BUSINESS PARK , UNIT 3C OLD KILMEADEN ROAD WATERFORD tel 0 870 991 654 eircode X91CV91 The PTO shaft is not included in the price of the digger !!!

€1236 plus VAT €1520 incl. VAT

Backhoe for 20+ HP compact tractors BH-6600 KATANA MACHINERY

Compact backhoe for tractors with 210cm digging depth and own pump powered by PTO shaft

€3496 plus VAT €4300 incl. VAT

Stone Burier 105cm / 3.5 ft – KATANA Machinery

Best machine to prepare the ground for grass seeding in one go, 105 cm working width,

€1870 plus VAT €2300 incl. VAT

Finishing mower 4ft – KATANA Machinery

Best mower for fine cut of well kept lawns, sports pitches, parks etc.

€1276 plus VAT €1570 incl. VAT

Heavy DutyFlail Mower EFGC- 105cm (3,5ft)- KATANA Machinery

Regular flail mower for a compact tractor

€1398 plus VAT €1720 incl. VAT

Finishing mower 180cm / 6ft – KATANA Machinery

6ft finishing mower for 30-45 HP compact tractors

€1415 plus VAT €1740 incl. VAT

Heavy Duty Flail Mower EFGC-165cm 5ft 5″ – KATANA Machinery

5'5" heavy duty flail mower designed for 35-55 HP tractors. Perfect for pastures, roadsides and other neglected areas with bushes, brushes and lots of weeds. PTO shaft worth 100€ for FREE!

€1659 plus VAT €2040 incl. VAT

Stone Burier 145 cm / 5 ft – KATANA Machinery

Best machine to prepare the ground for grass seeding at once, 145 cm working width, PTO shaft included

€2033 plus VAT €2500 incl. VAT

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Why do you need a small tractor?

Many of our customers say they didn’t realize how much they needed a compact tractor until they or their friends got one. Japanese mini tractors provide almost unlimited functionalities mainly thanks to few points:

  • high power relative to the size of tractor
  • small size and agility
  • high quality and endurance
  • PTO shaft and hydraulic system plugs/outputs
  • broad and still growing number of attachments

Last two points are main drivers for increasing popularity of small tractors because with each additional implement you get a whole new machine and functionality for a fraction of regular machine’s price. This makes a compact tractor a great substitute for ride on mower, mini backhoe, small wheel loader and many other machines. Compact tractors with adequate attachments are useful in multiple types of businesses:

  • landscaping – backhoe, front-end loader, stone burier, finishing mower, hedge trimmer
    Learn more reading our blog postTime to take your landscaping business to 21st century with a compact tractor
  • equestrian centres – front-end loader, bale spear, disc/drum mower, tipping trailer
    Learn more reading our blog postCompact tractor for equestrian centre, stud and stable
  • sheep farms – front-end loader, bale spear, disc/drum mower, transport box
    Learn more reading our blog postCompact tractor for equestrian centre, stud and stable
  • orchards and vineyards –front-end loader, orchard sprayer, flail mower, tipping trailer
  • small farms – front-end loader, plough, stoneburier, rotary tiller, field sprayer, tipping trailer
  • potato fields – potato planter, potato harvester, potato plow
  • building and development firms – front-end loader, backhoe, post hole digger, pallet forks
  • maintenance firms – sweeper, salt/sand spreader, mower, snow plow, tractor cabin
  • private customers – rotary tiller, plough, finishing/topper mower, front-end loader

Check out our portfolio and see for yourself why you need a compact tractor!!!