Yanmar FF205 with roof

25HP, 4WD, power shift, new tyres, roof

€5528 excl. VAT €6799 incl. VAT

Yanmar F18D with new front loader

Very reliable compact tractor with 4WD and brand new front-end loader, 18HP on PTO, very good shape

€6016 excl. VAT €7400 incl. VAT

Yanmar YM1301 compact tractor with rotavator

2WD, good condition, rotavator

€2846 excl. VAT €3501 incl. VAT

Yanmar FX255 with rotavator

Small tractor with ~30 HP engine, 25 HP PTO output, 4WD, shuttle shift, power steering and turning assistance. Rotary tiller included in the price.

€6666 excl. VAT €8199 incl. VAT

Yanmar FX30S with front loader

Compact tractor with 30HP equipped with strong front-end loader. Loader with interchangeable bucket and bale spears mounted on a quick hitch.

€8129 excl. VAT €9999 incl. VAT

Yanmar F20D compact tractor with front-end loader

Solid 20 HP compact tractor with front-end loader and power steering in great condition. Works with almost all attachments on the market.

€6504 excl. VAT €8000 incl. VAT

Yanmar FX255 with front loader

Repainted, new tyres, power steering, power shift, 2/4WD, turn assist, new front loader

€8049 excl. VAT €9900 incl. VAT

Yanmar FX215 with front loader

NEW FRONT LOADER, perfect condition, 4WD, original paint

€6504 excl. VAT €8000 incl. VAT

Yanmar compact tractor

Yanmar compact tractors are best in class machines in their size category. The firm is very well known for its diesel engines that are often found in John Deere tractors as well as in many other machines like boats, excavators, power generators and more.

Yanmar was founded in 1912 and since that time it specialized in small tractors and different agricultural, construction and utility vehicles and machines. This company has since very beginning focused on quality control and so it managed full process of vehicle assembly and manufactured most of components internally.

Multi purpose utility Yanmar tractor

We’re in the business of selling used compact tractors for nearly 10 years and Yanmar is our favorite brand. In Europe it may not be as popular as Kubota but it is definitely not any worse. All our customers that bought Yanmar tractors are very satisfied. Yanmar compact tractor will very often be ahead of its competition with regards to features like power steering, power shift, turning assistance etc. Yanmar tractor with front loader and power shift is one of the most universal and handy tractors there may be. With weight of 1000+ kg for 20+ HP machines you’ll be able to lift even up to 300 kg with this compact tractor. These machines are very appreciated by organic farmers, orchards and smallholders.