Finishing mower 120cm – KATANA Machinery

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Finishing mower 120cm – KATANA Machinery

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Best mower for fine cut of well kept lawns, sports pitches, parks etc.

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Finishing mower for compact tractors is a great substitute for ride-on mowers. It is most often chose for maintaining large lawns, sports pitches, parks, meadows etc. with medium to high acreages. Finishing mowers are equipped with 4 wheels providing precise cut at same level at all times and used to set cutting height.

Finishing mowers provide the finest cut among compact tractor mowers. They also have a high ratio of cutting width to tractor’s horse power and high efficiency.

FGM 120 characteristics:
Tractor power: 15-28 HP
Cutting width: 120 cm
Cutting heights: 3-8 cm
No. of blades: 3