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Wood chipper 4 inch / 10cm diameter

Wood chipper for branches up to 10 cm in diameter

€1748 plus VAT €2150 incl. VAT

Finishing mower FGM-150cm 5ft – KATANA Machinery

Best mower for fine cut of well kept lawns, sports pitches, parks etc.

€1260 plus VAT €1550 incl. VAT

Stone Burier 125 cm / 4 ft – KATANA Machinery

Best machine to prepare the ground for grass seeding at once, 125 cm working width, PTO shaft included

€1829 plus VAT €2250 incl. VAT

Heavy Duty Flail Mower EFGC-125cm 4ft – KATANA Machinery

Strongest flail mower on the market

€1439 plus VAT €1770 incl. VAT

Hydraulic sweeper for tractor 130cm KATANA MACHINERY

Hydraulically powered road sweeper for compact tractors with 120cm working width

€1919 plus VAT €2360 incl. VAT

Backhoe for 16+ HP compact tractors BH-5R-KATANA MACHINERY

Compact backhoe for tractors with 155cm digging depth and own pump powered by PTO shaft

€3089 plus VAT €3800 incl. VAT

2-furrow plough -KATANA MACHINERY

Double furrow solid plough for compact tractors with 20cm working depth and 40cm working width

€528 plus VAT €650 incl. VAT

3-point towing frame KATANA MACHINERY

Towing frame with ball and pin

€146 plus VAT €180 incl. VAT

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