€10163 plus VAT €12500 incl. VAT

The price of 12,500 € is for a tractor without a front loader on agricultural tires

Compact Tractors hereby presents Fieldtrac 927, a 25 HP compact tractor produced by a renowned tractor and diesel engine manufacturer – VST Tillers Tractors Ltd. VST is a leading manufacturer of tractors and engines with up to 50 HP. The company has been incorporated in 1960s by the government of India and Japanese Mitsubishi and is now a publicly traded company. For over 50 years it is in the business of developing and manufacturing agricultural machinery and parts. VST is a shareholder in Mitsubishi Heavy Industries – VST Diesel Engines – the factory manufacturing the diesel engines for Solis and Farmtrac tractors. Thanks to a close cooperation with Japanese engineers, VST as one of few Indian tractor manufacturers makes a huge part of their tractor components in-house. This includes but is not limited to hydraulics, drive axles, gearbox, pinions etc. This is a factor that drives the highest quality of tractors thanks to different parts being well fitted to each other and guaranteeing availability of spare parts which was a huge problem for other brands during Covid 19 crisis and is still a problem to some extent.

The VST Fieldtrac 927 is a 4×4 compact tractor equipped with a 25 HP 4-cylinder diesel engine. Compared to the other tractors with 3-cylinder engines the Fieldtrac 927 runs much smoother thanks to the equal distribution of cylinders.

The tractor is equipped with 2 hydraulic pumps – one for 3-point linkage and the other one for power steering which is very efficient and makes the tractor so easy to operate. The 3-point linkage has capacity of 500 kgs which with 25 HP engine allows this tractor to operate any attachment from ploughs and mowers to wood chippers and back actors. The 3-point linkage is ADDC compatibile – Automatic Depth & Draft Control. It also comes with additional hydraulic section in the back for operating additional attachments. Unlike the competition, the VST is using a spool valve with telescopic cylinder switch. Thanks to this you can use it to power the trailer with telescopic cylinder without costly adjustments to the tractor.

Fieldtrac 927 comes with a Stage V engine, ROPS and full Certificate of Confirmity which means you can register it for road use in whole of EU.


Technical info on the tractor:


V4D1E5, 4-cylinder, diesel, liquid cooled


24.5 HP


1306 cm3


Mechanical, SIDESHIFT, 6 x Front + 2 x Reverse

Max speed

20 km/h


4×4, 2×4

Power steering

YES, Hydraulic


Drum brakes, Divided

Differential lock


PTO speeds

540 and 760



ADDC – Automatic Depth and Draft Control

Capacity – 500 kg

Hydraulic outputs

Euro-couplings, 2 sockets – 1 section

Electric socket for trailer

Yes, 7 pin


Agriculture, 6×12, 8.3×20
Turf, 23×8.5-12, 33×15.5-16.5
Industrial, 23×8.5-12, 33×15.5-16.5

Roll Over Protection System

Yes, with EU cert and beacon lamp

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